Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We cannot be held accountable for your inability to show or cancel passengers’ trains or flights. Your trip will be deemed non-showed if we fail to get notified of any cancellations or delays. Also, we cannot contact the designated contact person within the 15-minute timeframe. The cost for no-shows if you’re not on time to pick up your jetdoorlimonj.com reservation.


Customers must provide their credit card details in advance for the pre-approval of credit card purchases. This is to guard against fraud, not to pay for the trip. To cover the estimated costs of the travel, which include fees such as parking, tolls, gratuities, and any other off-hour or extra time surcharge, an advance payment of up to 150 percent of the quoted cost is charged to the credit card upon booking using a credit or debit card. The balance is refunded after the jetdoorlimonj.com service is completed.


jetdoorlimonj.com’s luxury jetdoorlimonj.com sedans and sedans can accommodate no more than four adults with three standard-sized luggage, while our SUV can hold at least six passengers and six standard-sized suitcases. When booking, the client acknowledges the vehicle’s maximum capacity for passengers and is responsible for ensuring that it is not exceeded. jetdoorlimonj.com reserves the right to terminate the trip without compensation if the client does not adhere to the stated limit.


Cancellations are permitted. Please contact (212) 2/ 01/ 07/ 20 via call or text for any cancellations or by email at [email protected]. If your trip isn’t canceled within the specified time, there is a fee for cancellation that could be charged to your credit card. To avoid cancellation fees, the customer must inform the customer service representative at least 24 hours in advance of the time of pickup and at least six hours before the pickup in the immediate area.

PRIVACY POLICY jetdoorlimonj.com ensures to maintain and safeguard the privacy of our customers. The personal information we collect or provide will only be used to process reservations and billing and is not disclosed to third parties, traded, or sold to companies that third parties do not own. We use the latest secured and encrypted payment gateways to ensure our customers receive the best Limo Service in NJ. This provides a safe online transaction and prevents identity theft, fraud, or duplicates. All transactions are processed using US dollars.

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